SNP3110 is a device used to analyze communications in the power lines (PLC, Power Line Communication) based on the PRIME specification.

It has a double functionality. Firstly, it acquires samples, which are sent in real time to the SN3900 management software if connected. Secondly, it is able to store the samples in the available MMC/SD card with a format which is directly supported by the management software.

This double functionality makes it particularly indicated for lab work as well as for information acquisition in the field.

Sample acquisition in the MMC/SD card is completely configurable, including the following options:
  • No acquisition
  • Continuous acquisition
  • Acquisition programmed in time frames
It includes serial and Ethernet interface communications.

Via Ethernet it is possible to manage the device remotely and even to download the acquired files in the MMC/SD through the available FTP server.

In order to increase the quantity of information received from the line, this device does not reject messages with a wrong CRC. This is performed by the SN3900 software.

It includes an auxiliary output to connect a dual channel oscilloscope. One channel shows the signal present in the line (after analogue filtering), and the other a synchronization signal generated by the device according to the information decoded from the acquired messages and the corresponding configurable information.

Detection of modulation schemes and other communication parameters is carried out automatically by the PRIME processor available in the device.

It includes three activity LEDs to visualize the operation state of the device even if it is disconnected. These are:
  • Communications / ON
  • Active acquisition / Acquired samples
  • Storage error in MMC/SD
It is accommodated in a sturdy metallic box of reduced size, being suitable for use both on the desk and in the field.

Power supply is taken from the mains to which it is connected.

Its firmware can be loaded remotely from the management software, so that it is easy to update it if new versions with further functionalities are released.
Technical Specifications
Supported modulation schemes As defined in the PRIME specification
Accepted messages All messages defined in PRIME
Connection to power line Via standard bipolar plug
Input voltage: 0 - 240Vac.
Irrelevant frequency
Connection to management computer USB type B connector
Ethernet: RJ45
Oscilloscope output Connector: 4 pin MINI DIN
Output impedance: 10Kohm in both channels
Indication LEDs Communications with Host
Message acquisition
Storage error in MMC/SD
Storage card standard MMC / SD
Dimensions 130 x 105 x 30 mm
Weight 300gr
Accessories Oscilloscope cable MINI DIN - BNC (2)
Communication cable USB A - USB B
Adaptor cable for power line
Memory card MMC/SD
Management software SN3900
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